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421 East Broughton Street
Savannah, GA, 31401
United States


Capital Bee Company is passionate to provide and educate individuals though an unforgettable experience while indulging in natures sweetest gift of HONEY. Capital Bee is dedicated to forge its way around the country in the pursuit to find the PUREST SINGLE VARIETAL HONEYS that can be trusted and cherished as each Honey is unique to its own terroir. All Honey achieves its sweet delicate flavors though the nectar which the Honeybees gather from the flower source but also from unique characteristics of geography and climate. Capital Bee Company is excited to be able to provide such  treasures to those who appreciate the gifts of all aspects of nature working in unity and creating premier honeys.     

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Raw Strawberry Kiwi Honey Straws

Strawberry Kiwi.JPG
Strawberry Kiwi.JPG

Raw Strawberry Kiwi Honey Straws


Honey straws are a great way of having your favorite honey on the go. Perfect for a packed lunch, or over an apple for a quick snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Package with 15 straws of Raw Strawberry Kiwi Honey.

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